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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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The LATCH System
Why Use LATCH?
Is LATCH safer?
LATCH weight limits
Which Restraints Have LATCH?
If Your Restraint Doesn't Have LATCH
Where are the Lower Anchors?
Where are the Tether Anchors?
If Your Vehicle Has No Anchors
Using LATCH in the Center
Loosening LATCH straps
Common LATCH mistakes

What if my car doesn't come with anchors?

You can retrofit certain vehicles with lower anchors and tether anchors.

Lower anchors
Retrofitting is available for a few Audi and Volkswagen vehicles ONLY.

  • Audi: Will install a LATCH system (both lower and upper anchors) for model years 1999 and up in the following vehicles: A4, A6, A8, S8, and model year 2001 and up Allroad Quattro. LATCH retrofit kits are not available for the TT models or the Audi A8L. Audi will provide and install tether anchors in model year 1993-1999 Audis.  Free service is discontinued.
  • Volkswagen: Will install a LATCH system (upper and lower anchors) for Passat models year 1999-2002. Free service is discontinued. Will install tether anchors on model year 1993-1999 vehicles, but free service is discontinued.

Tether anchors can be added to most vehicles manufactured after 1989. Many of these vehicles have the holes pre-drilled in the vehicle, often with the nut in place, so that retrofitting the tether anchor is as simple as ordering the part and screwing in a bolt.

Ford, Chrysler, and GM will retrofit for FREE at least one tether anchor in their vehicles which did not come with tether anchors factory-installed (assuming that the vehicle is able to be retrofitted). 

Vehicle manufacturers with a single part number for all tether anchor kits for all of their vehicles (list price included when available--installation may be extra and pricing may have changed).

  • Acura: 82410-SE3-C01, Plate Assembly/Anchor plate and mounting hardware, $13
  • Honda: 82410-SE3-C01, Plate Assembly/Anchor plate and mounting hardware, $13
  • Infiniti: 88894-89900, (may need 8mm x 1.25 bolt)
  • Lexus: 73709-20010, Tether anchor kit $10
  • Nissan: 88894-89900, (may need 8mm x 1.25 bolt)
  • Toyota: 73709-12010, Bracket Sub-Assembly, Tether Anchor $12